Technical Plant
Boiler installation 12 Wagner high pressure steamheated boilers (with two Saacke burners at one end of each), natural water circulation through six boiler rooms.
Per boiler:  
  Evaporation heating surface 380 m2
  Superheater heating surface 120 m2
  Air pre-heat surface 685 m2
  Feedwater pre-heating temperature 160° C
  Operating pressure 55 atmospheres forced
  Invention pressure, safety valves 58 atmospheres forced (maximum 63)
  Authorised pressure 68 atmospheres forced
Main safety valves:  
  Boiler drum, intervention pressure, steam collector 68-69.5 atmospheres forced
  Superheat intervention pressure 66.5-68 atmospheres forced (hot water/steam production process)
Steaming weight 50 tonnes/hour dry
Boiler efficiency 80%
Steam temperatures:  
  Saturated 287° C
  Superheated 450° C
Heat generated 31.8 kcal/kg
Evaporation figure 11.8 at 9.300 kcal/kg
Steam production 132 kg per m2 of surface
Gas resistance 220 mm
Capacity 144 m3
Weight of boiler with water 52.8 tonnes
Weight of (warm) water content 4.85 tonnes
Pre-heating temperature (air) 335° C
Furnace load (106) 2 kcal/m3/hr