The Battle of the Denmark Strait
The Bismarck opens fires on Hood while far astern of the Prinz Eugen.
Bismarck has fired a main gun salvo at Hood and a secondary gun salvo at Prince of Wales. At right, a shell splash from either Hood or Prince of Wales has landed aft of Prinz Eugen but short of Bismarck. The smoke from the previous salvoes clears as Bismarck prepares to fire another main gun salvo.

Moments later, another salvo from either Hood or Prince of Wales falls over Prinz Eugen but short of Bismarck. The Bismarck, behind Prinz Eugen, turns to starboard whilst engaging Hood with her rear turret group.
The fatal explosion of HMS Hood as seen from Prinz Eugen at 0600-0601.
Bismarck now fires on Prince of Wales with her main armament. Bismarck is now to port of Prinz Eugen as Prinz executes the first of three anti-torpedo manoeuvres.
A view at the British ships. The shell splashes are either from Prince of Wales or Norfolk.
Bismarck fires one of her last salvoes at Prince of Wales at sometime around 0607-0608. Bismarck is preparing to come between PG and PofW. Bismarck is now abreast PG, which has ceased firing.
Bismarck abreast of Prinz Eugen. Bismarck's guns are being returned to zero position as Prinz Eugen accelerates and pulls ahead to resume the lead.
Prinz Eugen increases speed at 0610 and begins to pull ahead of Bismarck once more. Bismarck falls behind as Prinz Eugen speeds up and turns to port to resume the lead.
Prinz Eugen speeds ahead with Bismarck in her wake. Prinz Eugen is now well ahead of Bismarck and preparing to reduce speed.
Bismarck follows Prinz Eugen several hours after the battle. This is the last German photograph of the Bismarck, taken shortly before the detachment of the Prinz Eugen at 1814 on 24 May 1941.